1. Entry Fee:
    • Participation to the Emerging Scene Art Prize is $35 USD.
    • Entry fee is non-refundable.
  2. Key dates:
    • Submission deadline: 30 June 2021
    • Winners announcement: 15 July 2021
    • Winners show dates: to be announced with venue partner.
  3. Submission process (made easy!):
    • Complete the online submission form: artists can now submit their portfolio by sharing a link to their website or social media platform and pay the submission fee.
    • Submission for the Emerging Scene Art Prize should only be accepted through this website. Any other website claiming to be Emerging Scene or accepting entries on behalf of Emerging Scene will not be accepted.
    • Any submission should be the sole work of the participating artist.
    • Submission that is not the original work of the registered participant or if the submission infringes the copyrights of another artist will be disqualified.
    • Submission by duo and/or collective artists is accepted.
  4. Selection criteria:
    • Originality: innovative approach, visual identity.
    • Concept: expression of ideas, artist’s statement.
    • Technique: artistic skills, creative process.
    • All media accepted.
    • Submissions should respect cultural sensitivity, should be non-political, non-violent, no nudity or suggestive overtones.
  5. Shortlist:
    • If you have been shortlisted for the Emerging Scene Art Prize, you will be notified within 2 working days.
    • Shortlisted participants will go through the second and final judging round.
    • Shortlisted participants will have one artwork featured on Elevision digital screens within the year 2021.
    • Shortlisted artists are requested to email a high resolution image of the selected artwork within 48 hours to meet the broadcast deadline on Elevision.
    • There is no limit to how many artists can be shortlisted for the Emerging Scene Art Prize.
  6. Artwork:
    • For digital show on Elevision:
    • Artwork submitted for the digital show will be used digitally to be broadcasted on the Elevision network. Elevision may have to format the images to fit the digital screens. The artist will need to email a high resolution image of the artwork selected. Images that are not in high quality will unfortunately not be screened.
    • Physical show:
    • For works of art shipped from abroad, Emerging Scene will not be responsible for shipping artwork. All shipping costs and packing  must be the responsibility of the artist. Emerging Scene takes special care in handling and unpacking of all artwork, but will bear no responsibility in the case of damage or loss.
    • For works of art deposited in person, neither Emerging Scene, nor the gallery employees shall be liable for any loss or damage to works of art.
    • Return of artwork: whether in person or by shipment, the return of artworks and all related costs are the responsibility of the artist.
    • Consignment of artwork: Any artwork can be left in the possession of Emerging Scene for the purpose of sales or future shows on a consignment basis, however a consignment agreement must be signed by the artist and Emerging Scene.
  1. Sales & Artwork Pricing:
    • Artwork that will be showcased should be available for sale and priced under $3,000.
    • Artwork may be for sale. You will agree to a 30% commission going to Emerging Scene LLC.
  2. Cancellation / COVID-19 :
    • Emerging Scene follows the regulations of the United Arab Emirates with regards to health and public safety.  Since Covid-19, the organization of public events depend on government guidelines and directions. In the event of cancellation of the event or physical exhibition, nor Emerging Scene  or the Sponsors will be held liable. Emerging Scene will however endeavor to increase the promotion through alternative  platform its digital platforms if they are shortlisted in the event of cancellation of events or physical exhibitions.
  3. Image and Intellectual Property
    • Any image uploaded or image shared via email or Emerging Scene Art Prize platform (website, social media , email)  remains entirely the intellectual property of the artist.
    • The applicant consent to give permission to Emerging Scene for the use of the images uploaded for promotional purpose free of charge including: instagram post, credited communication material, website visuals and online gallery.
    • Once registered for this competition, all artists agree that Emerging Scene and/or the Sponsors, may reproduce the artists’ work free of charge for purposes of marketing, promotion, discussion and education, in media including catalogues and publications, posters, postcards, websites and social media and on digital screens.