Ines Thiru

Art Editor, Elevision,
London (United Kingdom) – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Ines joined Elevision in 2013, heading up the content department. A Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) start-up, Elevision rapidly grew into one of the region’s leading OOH networks.
One of her career highlights came through her partnership with Emerging Scene. It was the beginning of the creation of Elevision’s Digital Art Gallery and the transformation of their digital screens into digital canvases. Pioneering the concept of turning a DOOH network into public art galleries, the collaboration allowed Elevision to set the scene for a holistic content offering – striking a fine balance between commercial and non-commercial content, as Elevision embarked on featuring local & international emerging artists across their digital out-of-home network.
Now in it’s 8th year we wish all participants of this year’s Emerging Scene Awards good luck. We look forward to sharing your work on our digital canvases across the UAE.